LESCO New Connection 2021

LESCO is the Lahore electric supply company. There are multiple electric sectors in Pakistan, serving different divisions and subdivisions. LESCO is providing electricity only to Lahore. It is one of the largest electric sectors in Pakistan, serving 35 different divisions of Lahore. It was developed in 1998, and yet it has successfully operated local, commercial, and industrial consumers and satisfying their needs.  We live in the 21st century, and electricity is the essential factor in keeping our lives going because we are surrounded by equipment that needs electric power to operate. When the power is running smoothly, life is comfortable, but when the power failure occurs due to some reason, life becomes stuck, and panic starts.

Every citizen of Lahore is bound to purchase electric connection from LESCO only because there are no other distributors, and LESCO is the only licensed company there. If you want an electric connection for your residential, commercial, or industrial use, you can reach LESCO for your new connection, you have to submit your statement for a new connection, and just in a few days, the team of LESCO will install all the connections with reading meters in your location. The article below has all information related to the LESCO new connection.

Lesco New Connection

If you want a new electricity connection, you must submit a proposal to the LESCO office for a new connection. You can apply for this online and by visiting their office. Your application goes for verification. After verification, you will be notified, and they will install all the equipment at your registered address. 

Lesco New Connection Procedure

Applying for a new connection is easy. If you can operate a mobile or can do browsing, you can easily apply for a new connection; otherwise, you can manually visit the nearest branch and submit an application for a new connection. You have to submit some mandatory documents; after verification, they will visit your place and install the connection.

Lesco New Connection Charges

New connection charges – 1

There are no official charges for the installation of new connections of LESCO. The costs may vary according to connection type. There are three types of connection: residential, commercial, and industrial. The standard charges may be Rs. 7200, but during installation, it depends on the material utilized during the process. 

Lesco New Connection Application

For every new connection of LESCO, you have to submit an application that needs to be filled, and you have to submit some documents for a new connection. The application is available on their official website, you can download and submit it, and you can also receive the application from the office and submit it there.

Lesco New Connection Online

LESCO also provides a facility for its customers to apply for a new connection online. Now users can easily download applications online, fulfill the criteria of all documents and information, and submit with the charges mentioned in the bank. Choose the connection type you want because the charges are different for each connection.

Lesco New Connection Status

new connection status

Many people get worried after applying for their connection; they don’t get any proper response from the organization. There is no specific time duration for connection; it takes about 15 days. You can check your new connection status by going to the office and asking for your application status.

Lesco Demand Notice

When you apply for the new connection, you are given a specific copy of the challan to submit to the bank and the application and documents. The particular price is mentioned on the slip, which should be paid in the designated bank branch. It is a demand notice necessary to submit when asking for a new connection.


Getting a new connection for LESCO is a simple process, but you have to follow all the guidelines before asking for a connection. You have to go through all steps. You have to submit essential and authentic documents along with application and charges for certain types of connection. Your documents pass through verification; once they are verified, the team members visit your area and install the registered area’s connection. 


How many types of LESCO connections are there?

They are three types: residential, commercial, and industrial. You have to mention it in the application form during submission.


What LESCO demand notice?

While submitting an application, you are given the slip to submit in the bank along with standard charges; it is LESCO demand notice.


Can I apply for a new connection online?

Yes. You can download an application form online and submit it to the bank’s designated branch.


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