LESCO Helpline 2021

LESCO is the Lahore electric supply company. It is one of the largest electric sectors in Pakistan, serving 35 different divisions of Lahore. It was developed in 1998, and yet it has successfully served local, commercial and industrial consumers and satisfying their needs.  In this article, we have enclosed all the information related to the LESCO helpline. You can access all information to your queries. We have covered all your queries in detail below. The phone numbers of each department are also listed below. 

LESCO Helpline:

If you have any query related to your electricity connection, you can reach the helpline center at any time through LESCO toll-free phone number 0800-00118. 

They are providing the best helpline service for their consumers. Due to some significant issues, the calls may be going busy because many users are trying to dial for complaints at the same time.

LESCO Helpline Numbers:

If you need any kind of help related to your electricity connection, you can contact the numbers given below. For each complaint type, you can call specific numbers and inform them about your issues. Most of the time, they respond to you immediately, but sometimes they take too long to answer because there are many complaints SCOand they respond each at the same time. 

LESCO power complain

For Power Failure Complaints:

If you have any complaints regarding power failure, you call on the numbers below. Sometimes these numbers are busy due to high complaints; you have to wait for your turn to dial a call.

  • 0320-0520888
  • 042-111000118
  • 99205461
  • 99205464


LESCO Toll-Free Number:

You can call any time to LESCO toll-free complaint number; you can register your complaint at this number below.

LESCO toll-free number 0800-00118.


LESCO Helpline Status:

Lots of users complain that they do not get any response from the complaint department. Due to some issues, the help center is facing lots of complaint issues, and they have to visit each site manually; in this case, your registered complaint may get some delay. 

For more information, you can manually visit the office or call them for your complaint status.



The electric sectors are adopting technological changes day by day to minimize consumer issues. For better helpline service, they offer toll-free numbers and other numbers so that when one number is going busy, you can reach another number. But there is always an occurrence of some issue due to human error or natural disasters. You can call its call center and submit your complaint and wait for their response.  



How to submit a complaint to LESCO?

You can dial their toll-free number, or you can visit the nearest office to register your complaint.


What is the Lesco helpline number?

LESCO offers toll-free numbers for its consumers. You can dial and submit your query to the call center.


Why is the LESCO number going busy?

Because there are too many users dialing at the same time due to some significant issue, dial it several times and check when it’s available for you.


How much time does LESCO take to fix the complaints?

It depends upon the number of complaints at the time. When there are more complaints, they take time to reach you, but most of the time, they reach and resolve it quickly. 


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