LESCO Bills Payment 2021

The bill payments are now made more comfortable than ever. Internet banking has facilitated the users so much that they can easily pay their utility bills online. Various fintech companies are offering online bank account creation. You can maintain a balance in your account and pay your LESCO bill through internet banking. 

There are various companies in Pakistan; you might be familiar with some companies like Easypaisa, JazzCash, Mobi cash, Daraz cash, and many others. You can submit an amount in these accounts from local shops and make online payments easily.  Almost all the banks in Pakistan offer online applications to manage your internet banking. You can pay your utility bills with these apps quickly. 

LESCO Bills Payment

When you log in to your bank mobile application, you can add your billing details and check your current month’s bill. On the same page, you can pay your bill online with your available balance. Once your bill is paid, you will see the status as paid. 

How to add the LESCO bill in the app?

All applications vary in terms of the interface, but elements and features are almost the same. To add your LESCO bill to your account, go through the following process.

  1. Log in to your bank application
  2. Select bill payments
  3. Select electricity
  4. Select LESCO in the company section
  5. Put your reference number in section 
  6. Your bill with your registered personal details will have appeared
  7. You can now pay and check its status monthly.


Banks Offering Online Bill Payments

Almost all the banks in Pakistan are offering online bill payment facilities. We have listed the banks which offer applications and allow users to pay their bills through internet banking.  


  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Bank Al Habib Limited
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Askari Bank Limited
  • Bank al Falah
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Faysal Bank Limited
  • Meezan Bank Limited.


Micro Finance Banking Application:

Lesco Bills Payment
Lesco Bills Payment

Two well-known applications in Pakistan are offering online bill payments and money transfers. You can quickly pay your LESCO bill online through these applications. You can create your account easily with your registered CNIC and mobile number. You can maintain and add money to your account through registered local shops.

  • Jazz cash
  • Easypaisa


LESCO Online Bill Payments:

Various online applications are accepting your bills online. You can pay your LESCO bills online with these apps, add your LESCO billing account in your app, and pay your monthly bills with them. Every month the bill will be fetched automatically, and you will be notified about your bill amount and other details. 



Internet banking has made life easier for everyone. We can easily pay our utility bill online at home. We can also create accounts on these apps easily. LESCO is facilitating its consumers that they can pay their LESCO bills online with internet banking in Pakistan. 



How to pay LESCO bills online?

You can pay your LESCO bill online with bank apps. Log in to the app, choose the bill payment options, select your distributor, and pay your bill each month.


Can I pay my bills in installments?

First, you have to submit an application to the office for your bill installments. If they accept and approve your application, you can pay your installments online. 


How can I check if my LESCO bill is paid or not?

There are two practices you can check your bill paid status.

  1. Every month you receive your bill copy containing the record of the last bill payment status and details. You can check your last bill with last month’s date and payment. 
  2. You can also fetch your bill online through your mobile bank app. When you refresh the page, it fetches the bill. If the bill is paid it shows the status of paid.


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