LESCO Bills Calculator 2021

In this article, we have uplifted all the information related to the LESCO bill calculator. The below article contains information for your designated queries. Lahore electric supply company is commonly known as LESCO. It is one of the largest energy providing companies in Lahore licensed under the WAPDA. It was developed in 1998, and yet, it is successfully serving its consumers with its service. It provides electricity to 35 different divisions and subdivisions of Lahore.

You can calculate your monthly bill by observing the units you consumed and per unit charges according to their conditions. You can finalize your estimated net value and current month’s official bill copy value to get satisfied.

LESCO Bills Calculator

If you want to calculate your LESCO bill, the complete information is given on your bill’s copy. You can also measure the initial and final reading of your meter, and then adding all taxes bill final cost can be easily calculated. We have listed some steps below; you can check and calculate your bill quickly.

Sometimes, due to some technical error, you get charged with a lot of money. You can observe the meter reading and calculate the final amount, so you can easily claim your bill to the LESCO office if there is an error. 

How to Calculate LESCO Bills?

If you want to calculate the LESCO bill, then you have to gather some figures from all resources given on your bill copy. The LESCO bill copy contains various elements with its figures; you have to note down each, and further check the below steps.

LESCO Connection Type You Have:

There are different connection charges for each type of connection. Because the residential has the lowest unit rate and industrial has the maximum. The rate of units also increases due to the number of units consumed. 

If you are not aware of the connection type you have, you can check your bill copy; it is mentioned with the connection type.

Which LESCO Bill Tariff Do You Have?

lesco bill tariff

The electric tariff is the total cost of producing and supplying electricity at reasonable rates to consumers. The tariff may vary according to your connection type. Each type has its price. If you are not aware of your connection tariff, you can check the list below.

Type of LESCO Tariff

While calculating the bill, you can choose any tariff type below.

Tariff Name Tariff Type

A1.(01) Domestic

A1.(03) Domestic

A2.(04) Commercial

A2c.(06)T Commercial

B1.(07) Industrial

B1.(08) Industrial

B1b.(09)T Industrial

B2a.(10) Industrial

B2a.(11) Industrial

B2b.(12)T Industrial

A3.(66) General Services


Which Phase Type You Have?

In the next step, you have to see in which phase-type your connection falls. There are two types of phase types: single-phase and three-phase. Single-phase is mostly used in residential areas where the electric load is low. Three-phase current is used in areas where the electric load is high.


How Many Units Have You Consumed?

According to the newly announced tariff, the unit charges depend upon the number of units consumed. The units are also classified according to peak and off-hours; both have different costs. Calculate your consumption hours, add them to a list, and apply the rate according to their usage hours. 

Monthly Meter Rent

The meter is installed for one time, but you have to pay rent monthly. Add meter charges to the list. Meter charges are different according to your connection type.

Monthly Service Rent

If service charges are applied to your bill summary, you have to add them to your list. 

Areas Charges

In this section, you add your location. The charges vary according to your local area value. 

Sales Tax

Sales tax is applied to all types of bills. You can check the percentage of sales applied to your total bill each month. They remain the same throughout. Sales tax is sometimes mentioned and GST tax. You have to add all types of tax to calculate the total value.

Final Calculation.

So now you have listed all the unit charges and tax applied, add all the value, and you will get the net value in your answer. 

That’s it.




How to calculate the lesco bill?

You can calculate your LESCO bill by observing the meter reading and note down the number of units you have used throughout the month; now apply all the charges, final net bill value will calculate. For more info, check the above article.


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