Check your LESCO bills online at lescobillsonline.pk. You can check your bill by just entering the reference ID or account number. Every month your new bill with a specific amount is dispatched at your registered residential address, you have to wait for a few days to get to your doorstep, but you can check it online before the bill arrives at your house. 

LESCO Bills Online

lesco bills online

The lescobillsonline.pk has all the information related to your LESCO bills. You can easily check your residential, commercial, and industrial bill online here. You can access all information on current and previous month bills, and you can also download the PDF file for other purposes. This website helps you get all your Lahore and wapda electric bills. You can access all your previous bills with ease. All you have to do is enter your reference or bill account number in the section given on the above web-page. 

What is LESCO?

LESCO stands for Lahore electric supply company. It is based in Lahore, serving its 35 divisions. The divisions which come under LESCO are districts of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara, and Kasur. The list of districts, their divisions, and sub-divisions are listed below. 

North Lahore 5Divisions / 28 SubDivisions
Central Lahore 5Divisions / 31 SubDivisions
Eastern Lahore 4Divisions / 23 SubDivisions
Okara 4Divisions / 23 SubDivisions
South-Eastern Lahore 4Divisions / 26 SubDivisions
Sheikhupura 4Divisions / 18 SubDivisions
Kasur 5Divisions / 30 SubDivisions
Nankana 4Divisions / 16 SubDivisions


LESCO is also listed as one of the largest electricity provider sectors in Pakistan. It started its services in 1998. Throughout its operations, it has successfully served its consumer across its divisions. 

How to check LESCO Bills?

check LESCO Bills

Now you can quickly check your Lesco bill on your pc or smartphone. You don’t have to wait for a long time to get a bill copy delivered to your doorstep. You can access your fresh copy or all previous bills online. Just enter your reference number in the given section above and save lots of time. 


Lesco Online Sill:

LESCO is providing a facility for its customers to access their copy of the bill online easily. There are specific reasons a bill copy is needed for some documentation process. Just enter your registered reference number in the above box and get your electricity bill copy immediately. Getting a bill copy manually takes a lot of time; you have to visit your nearest district office to collect the bill copy and wait for your turn in a long queue. Now it’s all easier; you can access all your billing data with just one click. 


Lesco Consumer bill:

LESCO wapda is one of the large electric sectors for Lahore and its districts. It charges every month from its customers. A separate account has been created for each consumer, and their billing and residential details are saved. On the 15th of each month, bills are dispatched to their respective address, and they give ten days to pay the current bill within that time; otherwise, either the consumer may lose the connection and be charged with an extra-fine.


LESCO Bill Payment:

Now you don’t have to wait in long queues for bill payment. Lesco provides a facility for its customers to pay their bills in all banks or fintech shops easily. You can pay your bills online through different bank applications. Make sure to keep the paid copy of your bill because sometimes the paid bill is returned as unpaid, so you can show the copy of the paid bill and redeemed the previous one. 


LESCO Duplicate Bill:

duplicate bill

There are two options that you can get a duplicate copy of your LESCO bill. You can visit your nearest zonal office and claim a copy of your bill there, but this process is complicated and takes time. Another option is to enter your bill reference number in the above box, and a current bill copy will appear on your screen. You can download and print directly to your computer. 


Reference number in your bill:

If you are having trouble finding a reference number, don’t worry. Just take an old copy of your bill and take a look to the top left corner; you will find the reference or account number just below the Tariff. Take a look at the picture below. We have highlighted the portion for your ease. 


LESCO Helpline:

LESCO Helpline

If you have any trouble related to your LESCO connection, you can contact their headquarter number 111-000-118 or visit the nearest office in your town. They list your query and will approach you when they are coming toward you. If the response time is getting late, then it might be they are handling lots of issues at the time. 



What is the FPA in LESCO Bill?

 The FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. It is a system to adjust electricity fees based on fuel price fluctuation. Those companies which generate electric power set the FPA value for their consumers. 

How can I check that my LESCO bill is paid or not?

You can check it by entering your reference number in the section box, and in the button of the bill, you can check the status of your paid bill every month.

Can I access my LESCO bill by name, address, or ID card number (NIC)?

The company has not yet upgraded the consumer data that their monthly bill could be traced with their other details such as id card number or address. 

How can I change my name on the LESCO bill?

You have to visit your nearest office and claim for correction in your account details. Now each month, you receive the bill with your name.  

Can I pay my LESCO bill in installments?

If your bill’s value is too high, you can claim for installment, and by submitting all documents, you can get the desired installments of your bill payment.